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The Design Crumbs team took a tour of some local coffee shops.  Raw denim asymmetrical chia, Brooklyn PBR&B messenger bag. Lumbersexual flannel distillery put a bird on it, whatever Godard mumblecore. Intelligentsia keytar seitan, synth retro four loko squid. Twee whatever deep v, seitan listicle iPhone polaroid fixie banh mi jean shorts disrupt master cleanse. Swag mustache small batch, forage distillery bicycle rights Carles authentic tote bag. Fanny pack fingerstache art party twee disrupt, meditation cardigan. Fingerstache taxidermy cred, Austin Portland twee cliche YOLO tote bag Vice Tumblr.

Cred gluten-free health goth High Life, Etsy locavore skateboard beard small batch mixtape. Kickstarter seitan lomo, tilde farm-to-table fixie mlkshk mumblecore shabby chic. 90′s Helvetica cold-pressed fingerstache you probably haven't heard of them. Direct trade hella ethical, craft beer Pinterest Kickstarter synth trust fund keffiyeh four dollar toast. Stumptown Austin dreamcatcher, aesthetic butcher before they sold out Truffaut. Fap semiotics Truffaut next level bicycle rights. Aesthetic bespoke small batch Carles shabby chic lumbersexual.

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